29 June 2017

Are you curious what the NSE results will mean for your programme?

In May, the Studiekeuze 123 foundation published the results of the 2017 National Student Survey (NSE 2017). The NSE 2017 was completed by a record number of 11,734 Utrecht University students, which meant the response rate was a commendable 38.4%. Thanks again for completing the questionnaire!

Improving internship supervision

We have now been able to take a close look at the NSE results and have established what we would like to improve. The most striking result was that you were less satisfied with the quality of internship supervision provided by your degree programme. This autumn we will be investigating how we can improve internship supervision and which measures we can take to this end.

Follow-up actions for each degree programme

Are you curious what the NSE results will mean for your degree programme? Take a look at the factsheet* on your degree programme detailing the response of the Director of Education.

* Good to know that there are only factsheets available for degree programmes if at least 30 students completed the questionnaire, or at least 50% of the students if less than 30 students per degree programme are registered. Also, not all degree programmes have formulated a response on the factsheet.