Apply now: 'Navigating Insecure Futures' honours programme

Have you ever wondered how on earth you're meant to navigate a world marked by political polarization, global inequality, and environmental crises? Are you worried about the future and wonder if you can make a positive impact?

These tough questions led to the creation of 'Navigating Insecure Futures,' a new UU Honours programme open to all BA students. Join us in this unique space and find your agency to tackle the challenges ahead of us. This course is taken in addition to your regular BA studies.

In short this programme aims to:

•    Bridge the gap between academia and the real world 
•    Address complex issues and potential responses on a micro level
•    Focus on personal and practical leadership
•    Bring together knowledge, embodied practices, emotions, and care
•    Explore your responsibility as your ability to respond
•    Navigate complex issues from multiple entry points and perspectives

The programme offers two courses in the second semester: Building Hope, and Narrative Transformation. Both courses are 7.5 EC in extracurricular credits; you can take one, or both courses.

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Application and Selection

The application deadline for the Navigating Insecure Futures programme is 5 February 2024, 09:00 AM (CEST). There are no specific selection criteria, only that you are motivated and enjoy working together with students from other disciplines in hands-on, reflexive, community-engaged learning processes.

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