12 December 2017

And the nominees are...

Every year the Faculty of Geosciences hands out two Teacher Awards, to show appreciation for Geosciences lecturers for their merit in education.

  1. The Teacher of the Year Award: for lecturers who have academic teaching experience of more than five years.
  2. The Teacher Talent Award: for lecturers with less than five years of experience teaching in an academic setting.

The nominees

Students have sent the nomination for their favorite candidates for 2017 to their study association, who have recommended the following nominees.

Teacher of the Year

  • Egbert van der Zee MSc (Human Geography and Planning)
  • Dr. Joost Vervoort (Environmental Sciences)
  • Dr. Douwe van Hinsbergen (Earth Sciences)
  • Dr. Jan Andries Post (Natural Science and Innovation)

Teacher Talent

  • Dr. Amir Raoof (Earth Sciences)
  • Ruud Bosch MSc (Human Geography and Planning)

Congratulations to all the nominees!

Awards ceremony

The awards will be presented by the jury on the New Year’s reception of the Faculty of Geosciences in January. The winners will receive a check of € 1.500 for work related matters, such as a study trip or books for example. The jury consists of the Vice-Dean Education, the Educational Managers and two student members of the Faculty Council.