8 April 2019

A green and lively campus

This week, board members of Utrecht University, HU University of Applied Sciences Utrecht and the Stichting Utrecht Science Park took the initiative of planting a tree next to the Bolognalaan cycling path. This tree symbolises the joint ambition of the universities to create a green and lively campus.

Improving biodiversity and liveability on campus

Utrecht University regularly plants new trees at Utrecht Science Park. Even when existing trees are diseased and must be removed, each tree will be replaced by at least one new tree. These new trees will belong to various different species, which helps improve biodiversity. The specific tree planted by the board members is the last of almost 60 trees that have been planted along the cycling and footpaths in three rows.

As a result, the long straight cycling path from bicycle tunnel De Bilt all the way to Cambridgelaan is now entirely bordered by linden trees. This provides both greenery and shadow on campus, and it is a great draw for various animals and birds that will be able to hide or build their nests in these trees. Of course, it also makes these grounds a much more pleasant place to be for students, staff and visitors alike.