19 to 21 October regional public transport strike: educational activities will continue

From Wednesday 19 to Friday 21 October, a strike in regional transport has been announced by the FNV. It will only be known shortly beforehand which rides will be cancelled. Therefore, keep an eye on the travel planners on these days and take longer travel times into account. U-OV advises to find alternative transport on these strike days or postpone your trip if possible.

Education continues, so do tests

Education will continue as usual during the strike. If, as a result of the strike, you are absent from education where attendance is compulsory, you can invoke the strike and the compulsory attendance lapses. If you have an exam or other form of test, this does not apply; the strike is not a valid reason to be absent and you will not be given an extra opportunity to take the test.

More information and updates

Keep an eye on the U-OV website for the latest updates.