18 October 2018

19 students nominated for the 2018 Peter G. Swanborn Prize

The 2018 Peter G. Swanborn Prizes will be awarded on 30 November. This year, 19 students have been nominated, 8 Bachelor's theses, 4 Master's theses and 3 Research Master's theses.  

The Peter G. Swanborn Prize is intended to encourage high-quality empirical research in the social sciences: research that addresses both theoretical and empirical aspects, which is creative and widely applicable.

The prize is awarded to students who display exceptional insight into the theoretical foundation and methods of research in the social sciences in the empirical research they use in their theses. Both theses which are based on a factual problem and those focusing on methods and techniques can be nominated for the award.

Award ceremony

The winners will be announced during a festive ceremony on Friday 30 November 2018 in the Faculty Room. The prize comprises an award certificate and a €1000 cash prize for each category.