Looking for software for your studies? With MyWorkplace you can use most software from your own PC or laptop. Windows and MacOS.  All you need is the internet. And of course you can also use MyWorkplace from UU computers.

Step 1

Install the free Citrix Workspace App (receiver) on your device (not needed on UU computers). Without the Workspace App, MyWorkplace will not work properly. Please note that you don't have to logon to the Citrix app itself.

Step 2

Windows: Log on using your UU email address and password.

MacOS: Start the Workspace App and follow the steps in the MyWorkplace MacOS manual.


The address bar (only for Windows users): the Workspace App has been installed properly (green) or not (red). Start an app (of your choice). When you see HTML5 in the address bar on top, you will have to reinstall the Workspace App.

As a student you go online anywhere and all the time. A flexible mix of online and face-to-face learning fits in well with your lifestyle. Making your own choices is part of that. And that is what you can do at Utrecht University. Thanks to MyWorkplace, Utrecht University's digital work and study space, from now on you will be able to use the software for your studies in a very flexible way. And you'll be able to do that when and where you like using whatever device you want.

  • Software such as Matlab, SPSS, Stella, Nvivo and Stata - and many other apps -are available via MyWorkplace anywhere
  • Independently from the operating system of your device (Windows, Apple or Android)
  • New software added monthly

For the complete list of available software, click here.

MyWorkplace works best on a computer or laptop. We advise you to use a telephone or tablet only to check something quickly.

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