When you have completed all of the study components of your Master's programme and you are currently enrolled at Utrecht University, you meet the graduation requirements. The Board of Examiners will review your graduation and decide on a verdict. If the Board of Examiners has decided you can indeed graduate, you will receive word about this.

In order to graduate, you need to be enrolled in the correct examination programme. This enrolment should happen automatically and you can check this in OSIRIS yourself as well.

Your name will be written on your diploma and on your grades transcript as it is registered in OSIRIS. Therefore, please ensure that your personal details in OSIRIS are correct.

All communication regarding graduation will be done through your student email.

You can find all information on the research seminar and the graduation process in the student brochure.

Student Brochure on the Research Seminar and Graduation 2023-2024

What to consider when you are (soon to be) graduating

When you are about to graduate, there are a few things you have to keep in mind: