Skills Academy

The Skills Academy offers you the opportunity to acquire skills from other disciplines alongside your own education. Most modules of the Skills Academy are open to all UU students (although this may vary for individual modules).

The Skills Academy consists of small modules of 2.5 EC at honours level, where you learn beyond the boundaries of your own program. You can sign up for Skills Academy modules in period 4 of 2024. This year, the offering consists of no less than seventeen modules covering various skills. Each module consists of four to six sessions. There are modules in Dutch and English; the language of instruction is indicated in the description.

Note: You can apply for the Skills Academy from the second year of your bachelor's degree. Master's students can also enroll in modules offered by the Skills Academy.

You can register via this link. Registration opens on Monday the 11th of March at 9.00. Registrations are based on a first-come, first-served basis. Additionally, we value a group composition with students from various disciplines. The capacity of the modules is limited, so register quickly.

Questions? The Skills Academy can be reached via