Study Association Perikles

Study association Perikles is the official study association for students at USG. Perikles is an active and well organized association completely run by students. Throughout the year they organise a wide variety of activities, such as lectures, company visits, parties and more. Perikles also provides the booksale for all students at USG. The study association is able to sell the books to their members with a discount of at least 10%.

Until now, Perikles has been oriented mostly on Dutch students, but they aim to break with this culture. You, as an international student can help us do that, by participating in activities or become active in a committee or workgroup. For more information, please do not hesitate to contact us. There will always be someone present at our chamber in the basement of USBO to answer all your questions. If you become a member of Perikles you can always get free coffee or tea in our chamber. Furthermore, you can always send a mail to

You can find more information on the Perikles website

Contact information:

Adress:  Bijlhouwerstraat 6, 3521 ZC Utrecht (room -1.23)
Tel.:  +31 30 – 253 92 69