Academic policies and procedures

Education and Examination Regulations (EER)

Every academic year, the School of Governance compiles a new version of the Education and Examination Regulations (EER). In this document, you can find all the important rules and regulations concerning admission to the programme, continuation of the programme, examinations, re-sits, the inclusion electives in your programme and the graduation process. As a USG student, you are assumed aware of the EER for your degree programme.

Student Statute and Regulations for the Board of Examiners

Besides the EER, you can find more information about your rights and duties as a student in two other documents. These are the Student Statute and the Regulations for the Board of Examiners.

Complaints regulations and complaints coordinator USG

If you want to lodge a complaint or an objection, please read the regulations concerning complaints, objections and appeals. The complaints’ coordinator at USG is Inge Tacke, head of student affairs.

Literature guidelines and plagiarism

Finally, it is wise to read the literature guidelines of USG as well as the information concerning plagiarism checks carefully. Have you been accused of fraud or plagiarism? The procedure that would be to follow is also included on this page.