Honours Programme at Utrecht University School of Governance (USG)

You can also add an honours component to your regular Master’s thesis. This will enable you to gain extra academic and professional skills. At USG, this programme is called Thesis Plus. If you are taking the Master's programme Research in Public Administration and Organisational Science, you can take the Thesis Plus track of the Arts Based Research track in Semester 2.

Thesis Plus Arts Based Research

In Thesis Plus Arts Based Research we explore what we as scientists can learn from how artists work and how you can integrate creative ways of working in your research. We do this on the one hand to create new opportunities and more depth in your research, and on the other hand for you to learn how to use creative forms to bring the results of your research to a wider public.

This track comprises seven workshops in which we work with various media such as photography, stories, poetry, drawing, digital storytelling, drama and music. In the final meeting you present an end product in which you depict the results of your graduation research in a creative manner. This could take many forms, for example a short film, a photo-essay, a story, a series of drawings or a performance.

The programme consists of the following parts:

  • Session 1 – introduction
  • Session 2 – visual art: photography and video
  • Session 3 – movement: walking and drama
  • Session 4 – writing: stories
  • Session 5 – writing: poetry
  • Session 6 – multimedia: drawing, music, digital storytelling
  • Session 7 – presentations

More information before start of Semester 2

The programme will inform you by email before the start of Semester 2. Depending on the composition of the group, the language used during the Thesis Plus meetings will be either Dutch or English. We will indicate:

  • the estimated study load (number of meetings, preparation, products to be produced)
  • general content of each meeting and the end product that is expected of you
  • when and how you can apply
  • how applications are processed (whether in order of submission, via a draw procedure or other method)
  • whether there is a limit to the number of participants in a particular variant
  • the requirements you need to fulfil to participate successfully in this track
  • how you can qualify for participation

The Thesis Plus meetings are planned as far as possible around the regular Master's programme, but because Thesis Plus is meant for all USG Master's students, this will not always be possible. In the event of any overlap, it is up to you to decide together with the lecturers involved where your priority should lie.

Completion of Thesis Plus

The completed Thesis Plus programme will be included on your Master's degree certificate once you have fulfilled the following requirements:

  1. you have attended all the meetings
  2. you have produced a product suitable to the track that has been given a passing mark by a lecturer
  3. you have completed the Thesis Plus track before your graduation date

Utrecht University Honours Programmes

Are you looking for an extra challenge during your Master's programme? Utrecht University offers her students several programmes in addition to the regular masters in which you can develop your talents even further.

For example:

  • Young Innovators
  • Graduate Honours Interdisciplinary Seminars
  • Faculty Honours Master's Programmes

Read more about the UU honours programmes.