Books and readers

During your programme you will need to use several study materials. In the course catalogue, you can find a list of course materials for each course.

Students are expected to purchase course materials such as books and readers since active participation in courses requires knowledge of the course materials.


You can order your reader at readerportal Canon. Please order your readers on time, as you need them to prepare for your first classes. However, please be aware that readers can change each period, so do not order a reader in advance if you do not take classes in that period. 


You can order the relevant books at the study association Perikles. Members of the study association will get a discount of at least 10%, but it is also possible to order your books without becoming a member (without the discount).

If you experience troubles when ordering your books, send an e-mail to: 

Of course you can also order books at any other (online) bookstore.