Study Abroad

Students of the 2-year Research Master Multidisciplinary Economics can combine their choice of electives with a semester abroad in the first semester of the second year.

In principle, you have access to all master level exchange destinations that are open to UU students, with the same regulations applying. This includes University wide destination and Faculty destinations. In practice, not all of these destinations offer courses that complement the Research Master programme or have the required level. Therefore, always contact the coordinator of the Research Master  if you are considering studying abroad!

All the information you need can be found on the following two pages:

- U.S.E. Study Abroad (information for U.S.E. bachelor's students, but the procedure is the same for Research Master students);

- UU Study Abroad.

Please note that Research Master students who go abroad need to make arrangements to follow the U.S.E. course ‘Research Skills 3’ via distant education while they are away.