Second year Research Master’s students, who are writing a Thesis in period 3 and 4, are expected to finish the Thesis by the end of period 4.
The deadline to hand in the final version of your thesis is typically on Friday in the first week of July. For specified information, always see the course manual.

Thesis registration
In the course Research Skills 3 (RS3), which takes place in Period 1 of Year 2, students write a research proposal on a specific research topic that they want to specialize in, usually connected to the RM thesis. After completion of the course, the ECRMT course coordinator asks RM students to fill out the thesis registration form before January 30 of Year 2. The forms are shared with the RM coordinator, who will then inform the supervisors about the procedures and deadlines. After registering the thesis the supervisors cannot be changed.

U.S.E. Master’s Thesis Award
Each year, Utrecht University School of Economics (U.S.E.) chooses the top Master's theses from each of the Master’s programmes. These theses are recognised with the U.S.E. Master's Thesis Award. The winning theses need to be written and completed in semester 2 and are chosen for their relevance, academic merit, and particularly for their integration of a ‘real world perspective’ into an economics issue. Furthermore, the submitted thesis must have received a mark of at least an 8.5. The authors of the winning theses are awarded with a certificate during the Master’s Graduation ceremony.

UU Best Master’s Thesis
Utrecht University awards a prize for the best Master's thesis written at the University. It is awarded every year during the opening of the new academic year. The winner will receive an award which consists of a certificate and €1,500. Nominees need to meet certain criteria. The submitted graduate thesis or research must have received a mark of at least an 8.5. U.S.E. strives to select and submit one candidate each year. More information can be found on the university website.