18 July 2017
Submit your proposal to the UAF before 16 October 2017
12 July 2017
Utrecht University is now the proud home of a selfie sign: a spot on campus to make a selfie with ‘greetings from Utrecht University’.
11 July 2017
Are you going to continue your current programme in the 2017-2018 academic year? Re-enrol now!
5 July 2017
Gewijzigde openingstijden tijdens de zomer.
30 June 2017
Don't click on the link in the email
29 June 2017
With response of the Director of Education
26 June 2017
One or two paper towels are enough to dry your hands after washing them.
20 June 2017
The University Council meets with the Executive Board next week and speaks about the student statute.