31 May 2017
Starting in 2017-2018, Utrecht University will be switching to a digital student card.
30 May 2017
In periode 2 zijn er verschillende cursussen geëvalueerd.
10 May 2017
Wij zijn op zoek naar enthousiaste mentoren voor de begeleiding van onze nieuwe eerstejaarsstudenten.
23 March 2017
Do you want to know more about your future career?
16 March 2017
Economist Alexei Karas wins the Outstanding Teacher Award and Chemistry and Physics lecturer Ingmar Swart wins the Teacher Talent Award
15 March 2017
No telehone hours Board of Examiners and the Study advisor on March 30rd.
10 March 2017
From now on, you will find a direct link in the start menu of your Solis workspace.