20 September 2017
Your faculty and the Student Services offer you more than 100 options to study abroad.
4 September 2017
Welcome back! How about a quick refresher course?
15 August 2017
ITS is in the cloud on Thursday afternoon (17 August) between 14:00 to 15:00!
5 July 2017
Gewijzigde openingstijden tijdens de zomer.
26 June 2017
One or two paper towels are enough to dry your hands after washing them.
20 June 2017
The University Council meets with the Executive Board next week and speaks about the student statute.
13 June 2017
On 9 June all new members of the University Council, Faculty Councils and Consultative Bodies were present at a training day.
12 June 2017
No more a Computer Learning Learning Room in Adam Smith