Your Master’s programme begins with these six compulsory courses. 

  • Track 1: LLM. In this track you choose 15 EC from several short courses called Capita Selecta. The Reasearch Proposal Thesis is a compulsory module.

Programme participants also complete a Research Thesis (15 EC).  

Period 1 Law and Economics of Market Regulation  (5 EC)
Methodologies of Law and Economics (5 EC)
Law and Economics of Competition and Market Dominance (5 EC)
Period 2 Competition and Regulation of Network Sectors (5 EC)
Supervision of Markets: Agency Design and Success (5 EC)
  Advanced Competition Law and Economics: Current Challenges (5 EC)
Period 3 Capita Selecta Law (15 EC)
Period 4 Thesis (15 EC)