The minor in criminology offers an excellent background in the theme of crime and punishment. In the world of crime fighting and prevention, as well as in the provision of assistance to offenders, there is a great demand for graduates who combine knowledge of the law with familiarity with criminology and forensic psychiatry. Students are introduced to the social science counterpart of their legal knowledge, or to the legal counterpart of their social science knowledge.


You learn to reflect on the function and character of criminal law in a larger social and political context. It is not only about the backgrounds of criminal law, but also about the social and individual psychological consequences of criminal law interventions. This minor offers a good preparation for the master's in Criminology.


The minor Criminology consists of 4 courses, 3 of which are compulsory courses and 1 elective course. Please note: the duration of this minor is 1 academic year (the obligatory course Criminological Research is only offered in period 4).

3 compulsory courses:
RGBUSTR007 Introduction Criminology Social Science (period 1)
RGBUSTR011 Advanced Criminology (period 2)
RGBUSTR005 Criminological Research Social Sciences (period 4)

1 elective course, choose:
RGBUSTR008 Transnational organised crime  (period 1)
RGBUSTR009 Inleiding forensische psychiatrie en psychologie (period 2)
RGBUSTR010 Forensische psychopathologie (period 3)
RGBUSTR023 Crime, Media, Culture (period 4)


The minor Criminology is a requirement for students who want to attend the Master’s programme Criminology.


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