Student card

Student Card in the MyUU app

As soon as you have successfully enrolled and the payment of your tuition fees has been arranged, you are issued a student card. It lists your degree programme and the period for which you are enrolled. You need your student card in order to prove you are enrolled at UU, for example when you wish to use our facilities. At exams, you also need a valid ID to be able to identify yourself. 

Where can you find your student card?

Your student card is in the MyUU app. If you do not have a compatible smartphone, you can print out a copy of your enrolment in Osiris. You can always access your student card when offline too, provided you have logged in to the app at least once. Make sure you have version 1.8 of the app; this procedure still does not work properly in older versions. 

You log into the app with your Solis ID. The app is available to download from:

Passport photo

If you do not see a passport photo on your student card, go to Osiris and upload your photograph there. Please note: the size has to be 100 KB or less.  Read more about uploading your passport photo (PDF).

Student card not visible in the app?

Have you received the confirmation email indicating you are enrolled but cannot see your student card in the MyUU app? Or have you received no email at all? If so, please contact Student Services. Remember to first check your spam folder, and make sure your email address is up-to-date.

When exactly will you receive your student card?

You will receive your student card when your enrolment is successful. In other words:

  • you have submitted a (re)enrolment request
  • you meet all admission requirements
  • payment of your tuition fees has been arranged

If everything is in order, you will receive a confirmation email from the Central Student Administration within a week and you will be officially enrolled. The confirmation email will state that your (re)enrolment is complete and that your student card is waiting for you in the MyUU app. You should therefore keep a close eye on your email account and the spam folder. You will not receive communication by post!


Contact Student Services by emailing