Download here the academic calendar, including information about enrolment dates.

U.S.E. Academic Calendar 2019-2020 (pdf)

Avoid overlap in timeslots of courses

When you register for courses, please take notice of the different timeslots in order to avoid overlap in the timeslots. By checking the timeslots, you can create a feasible schedule. The week is divided into the following timeslots:

Please see your own personal schedule on Osiris Student or the MyUU app for the courses (including exams) for which you have registered or have automatically been enrolled.This does not apply to the retakes (AV/VV).

The exact dates for the replacement and supplementary exams (AV/VV) for 2019-2020:

  • Retakes Period 1 2019-2020 (TBA)
  • Retakes Period 2 2019-2020 (TBA)
  • Retakes Period 3 2019-2020 (TBA)
  • Retakes Period 4 2019-2020 (TBA)