Study Programme

As a pre-Master’s student you follow a set of courses from the bachelor’s programme Economics and Business Economics which prepares for the Master’s programmes Financial Management, Banking and Finance, International Management, and Business Development and Entrepreneurship.

The exact courses you need to follow are listed in your acceptance letter.

If you have questions about your study programme or the courses listed in your acceptance letter you can contact the Graduate School.

Please bear in mind that you can only start on the Master's Programme after you have passed all the courses listed in your letter of acceptance within one year. (See Article 2.4 Education and Examination Regulations (EER) Master’s Degree Programmes 2019-2020.)

Insufficient progress: you will be excluded from the programme when your progress is insufficient. For example if you did not pass the two period 1 courses, even after a re-take (see Article 2.4 of the EER). 

1. Do I get a certificate or a diploma after finishing the pre-master’s programme?
No, you can get a notification if you have finished all the courses.

2. I went to the pre-master’s introduction. When I start my master, do I have to go to the introduction of the master?
Yes, that will be a different programme, were you will meet the programme coordinator and your fellow students.

3. If I only have courses in two periods, can I choose other courses from the bachelor’s programme?
It is possible, but you have to pay per extra course 832,50 euros per bachelor’s course). 

4. According to my acceptance letter I am expected to follow a course which I already followed during my previous degree. Is it possible to be exempted?
If you think you can be exempted from courses listed in your acceptance letter you can request exemption by sending an e-mail to the Graduate School motivating your request. Please add a complete description of the course(s) you followed in your previous education which covers the content of the course you want exemption for. The description should include course material.