This page and the other pages in the menu provide all the information about the courses offered in English for incoming exchange students of the Utrecht University School of Law. 

Updated information for students (interested) in the exchange programme in 2021-2022 is still in progress.

For general information about the exchange programme at the Faculty of Law, Economics and Governance you can go to the webpages of the International Exchange Office.


Corona and education: UU updates & information

The university and the Faculty of Law, Economics and Governance's policies on education are based on active participation by students. The courses incorporate the following didactic elements:

  • Each course has more than one assignment that is of a different nature (essay, presentation, exam, moot court, etc.)
  • On average, each course has at least four class contact hours, with different formats e.g. lecture, tutorial, seminar, coaching class, etc.
  • The majority of the work has to be achieved through self-study or in small work groups.
  • Students are informed prior to the course of what is expected from them in order to prepare for study and the successful conclusion of the course. This is usually done through Blackboard, which is the electronic learning environment in use at Utrecht University.
  • Class attendance is mandatory. (Class attendance presumes being prepared and a participative attitude)

Students whose participation is inadequate in terms of either quality or quantity may lose the possibility to do an additional or substitute test, or may even be excluded by the course coordinator from further participation in the course or part of the course. The requirements of attendance and the consequences of not fulfilling them will be published in Blackboard for each course.

In case of force majeur situations that prevent class attendance please contact the Study Advisor as soon as possible.


The academic calendar at Utrecht University consists of 2 semesters with 2 teaching periods each. A full academic year therefore has 4 teaching periods. See the academic calendar 2020-2021

Please note that all examinations for bachelor's law courses are scheduled before 1 February (end of semester 1) or before 1 July (end of semester 2). Retakes are scheduled in February or March and in July.

Academic calendar 2021-2022 Bachelor's programme

Academic calendar 2021-2022 Master's programmes 


Course overview Bachelor 2021-2022

Course overview Master 2021-2022

Please note: these course overviews are subject to change. Changes can still take place and courses may be cancelled.

During the Fall semester 2021, Virtual Mobility (attending online courses while staying in your home country) will not be offered!


Course registration (see more below on this webpage)
The course registration form will be send to the incoming exchange students by email in May (semester 1) and October (semester 2). In this email students will find all information and details about the registration. 

Prevent overlap
--> Please make sure you choose courses in different timeslots in order to prevent overlap in your schedule. (timeslots will be announced in the course overview, at this moment they are not available yet)

Master's courses
Incoming exchange students may apply for master's courses if they have finished three years of law studies and meet the additional language requirements. Language requirements may also be applicable for exchange students doing bachelor courses. Please check the online Course catalogue for the required basic knowledge of master’s courses. The places available for exchange students in master’s courses are limited and priority will be given to the students of our master’s programmes.

You can find the course descriptions in the Course catalogue of the Utrecht University.

At the Utrecht University courses are scheduled in timeslots. Timeslots divide the week in different parts to prevent a clash in course times. When you register yourself for courses, please choose courses in different timeslots in order to prevent overlap in your schedule.

The week is divided into the following timeslots:

  Mo Tue Wen Thu Fri
09.00-10.45 A B A C D
11.00-12.45 A B A C D
13.15-15.00 C C D B D
15.15-17.00 C C D B D
17.15-19.00 C A D B (D)
19.15-22.00 E E E E  

Explanation of the levels

1 = INTRODUCTORY: Students learn basic facts, terminology and skills. This particularly concerns the conveyance of knowledge, skills and insight at an introductory level. In general, it is not necessary to meet specific prerequisites in order to be admitted to classes at this level.

2 = ELABORATIVE Students are confronted with facts and theories, without necessarily integrating them. Admission to these classes may require certain prerequisites.

3 = COMPLEX Students are confronted with various theories and models and related tests. They develop specialized skills at very advanced level. The student´s scientific contributions are crucial for the progress of the course. Most of these courses have specific entrance requirements, which often include having completed the first year of study in the relevant field. 

Courses at other faculties, departments or institutes
In case you would like to choose courses from other schools or faculties, you will have to put them on the course registration form as well. The deadline is included on the registration form. Please note: at least 50% of your courses should be courses offered by the School of Law.

Utrecht School of Economics 
Utrecht School of Governance
Faculty of Social Sciences
Faculty of Humanities
Other School or Faculty

Exchange students from other faculties can register for law courses if places are still available. Check these pages for the course descriptions and the deadlines. Registration is possible for a maximum of one law course per semester. Students can only register for level 1 courses unless they can show proof that they have studied law for at least one year at university level. Exchange students from other faculties should register with their respective contact person at Utrecht University. The coordinator at home and at the Utrecht University School of Law must approve the course programme. 

Students must discuss the acceptance of courses with their home university before registering for them. In the event the course content is not clear from the descriptions available, they can contact the course coordinator in Utrecht before registration. The contact details are provided with the course descriptions in the course catalogue.

  • Exchange students for the School of Law will receive information about the course registration procedure by email in May (for semester 1) or in October (for semester 2).
  • ​Students will have to complete and submit the online course registration form before the deadline as mentioned in the email. If a student cannot register for his/her first choice the student will be registered for the alternative choice if available. Please note that late registrations will only be considered for courses that have places available.
  • Students can register for a maximum of 2 courses per period and must provide one alternative course choice per period.
  • Course changes will not be accepted after the deadline unless the programme at Utrecht University changes after that date.
  • Students may register for courses from other faculties or institutes. A selection of possible choices is available on the menu below ‘Available courses'.  These courses count towards the maximum of 2 courses per period and should be filled out on the course registration form. Course registration is also subject to approval by the department/faculty concerned.

The standard workload for an exchange student is two courses of 7,5 EC per period. This means a workload of 15 EC per period; 30 EC per semester; and 60 EC for a complete academic year. Students who need to take more courses in a single period should motivate so on their course registration form. The coordinator at home must approve this motivation.(Without such a motivation a third course will not be approved in Utrecht.An example of an acceptable motivation is if the academic calendar at home conflicts with the academic calendar in Utrecht; resulting in a required early return home).

Course registration form
The course registration form will be send to the incoming exchange students by email in May (semester 1) and October (semester 2). In this email students will find all information and details about the registration. 

Personal course schedule prospective exchange students
After course registration prospective students can check this course registration in Osiris by the end of June (for semester 1) or end of November (semester 2). They will receive their personal course schedule, including course locations, in MyTimetable prior to the orientation to the Utrecht University School of Law. We expect your schedule to be available late August (semester 1) or late January (semester 2). Please note that it may take longer to progress courses from other schools/faculties.

For questions or assistance, please contact the student advisor at 

The courses in the programme offered to foreign students are conducted in English. The reading materials are also in English. Therefore proficiency in the English language is expected and required. The Faculty of Law, Economics and Governance does not offer English language courses to foreign students. If a student needs extra language training, we advise him/her to prepare in their home country. More information about Language requirements here.


You can order your reader at

(Please note:delivery for home delivery is up to 8 days).You can pay by IDEAL of credit card. Purchased readers cannot be returned or exchanged. Readers change each period. So do not order a reader if you do not take classes in that period. Try to avoid not being able to prepare the first meeting of your course.

For international students who cannot pay with iDEAL
We regret the fact that it is still not possible to pay for your reader(s) with credit card. 


You can order your books at the JSVU Boekservice orvia Studystore:, you can also buy your books elsewhere. Order and pickup times at the JSVU can be found on the website. For more information and opening hours see For questions you can mail to: . 

NB:Students are expected to purchase course materials such as books and readers since active participation in courses requires knowledge of the course materials. However, a student who does not have these materials will not be excluded from the course. Note that the course coördinator can exclude students from a course if participation is not sufficient (see Academic policies and procedures).

Possibilities for taking a resit test in case you missed an exam or taking an additional or substitute test please read the Rules and Regulations that apply to you. In case of demonstrable force majeure situations which prevent you from participating in the written exam you need to unsubscribe yourself prior to the test by using the following web form:

Cancel an exam

If this was not possible, the student is required to report it as soon as possible after the force majeure situation arose to the Student Information Desk Law at Janskerkhof 3, where you indicate why you didn't unsubscribe yourself before.

Notice: Is the form due to a technical fault online ? Please send an email to

Evidence of force majeure must be shown if requested, the resit test is not intended to delay. A resit/subsitute test can be provided for only one test per course. If the force majeure is more than incidental, you cannot cancel an exam at the Student Information Desk Law. Please contact the study advisor.

When partaking in a substitute exam, students no longer have the right to do a resit! Furthermore, it is not possible to do another resit/substitute exam due to a force majeure or any other reason. There is only one opportunity for a resit or substitute exam.

For student who need to leave early the Utrecht School of Law offers one bachelor's course in period 2 which finishes before the Christmas-break:  RGBOL0200 Legal Ethics (7,5 ECTS).

If you have any further questions regarding early exit: please contact the Study Advisor of  the School of Law, Janskerkhof 3, tel. 030 2537009 (from 13.00-14.00 h).

For questions about programmes, courses, schedules, internships, exams, special facilities, approval for electives courses outside the Law programmes, exemptions, information about studying abroad and application for your diploma. You can also make an appointment with the study advisor and internship coordinator.

Update: The Student Information Desk, School of Law is closed for visitors until further notice because of the Corona virus. You can reach us by email or telephone.

Where: Janskerkhof 3, 3512 BK Utrecht
Tel. +31 30 253 7004

Telephone hours: Monday to Thursday 10.00 - 12.00 am
Friday: closed

For questions regarding your application, Erasmus grant, transcripts and visa, you best contact the International Exchange Office