This page contains information for students currently on exchange at Utrecht University School of Governance (USG).
Updated information for students interested in the exchange programme in 2021-2022 is still in progress.

For general information for exchange students, go to the webpages of the International Exchange Office.

The university and the Faculty of Law, Economics and Governance's policies on education are based on active participation by students.

The courses incorporate the following didactic elements:

  • Each course has more than one assignment that is of a different nature (essay, presentation, exam, moot court, etc.)
  • On average, each course has at least four class contact hours, with different formats e.g. lecture, tutorial, seminar, coaching class, etc.
  • The majority of the work has to be achieved through self-study or in small work groups.
  • Students are informed prior to the course of what is expected from them in order to prepare for study and the successful conclusion of the course. This is usually done through Blackboard, which is the electronic learning environment in use at Utrecht University.

Class attendance presumes being prepared and a participative attitude.

Students whose participation is inadequate in terms of either quality or quantity may lose the possibility to do an additional or substitute test, or may even be excluded by the course coordinator from further participation in the course or part of the course. The requirements of attendance and the consequences of not fulfilling them will be published in Blackboard for each course.

In case of force majeur situations that prevent class attendance please contact the Study Advisor as soon as possible.

The academic calendar at Utrecht University consists of 2 semesters with 2 teaching periods each. A full academic year, therefore, has 4 teaching periods. See the academic calendar. 

Please note that all examinations for elective courses are scheduled before the official end of the period. Retakes are scheduled in the first weeks of the subsequent period.

The standard workload for a Bachelor exchange student is two courses of 7,5 EC per period. This means a workload of 15 EC per period; 30 EC per semester; and 60 EC for a complete academic year. Course enrollment must be done before arrival in Utrecht by completing the course registration form which will be sent to you by e-maill.  As USG will be your main department, you must enroll for at least two USG courses each semester (if available)

Courses at Utrecht School fo Governance

In the list of USG bachelor’s courses you can find the courses available for exchange students in the academic year 2021-2022. You can find the course descriptions in the course catalogue of the Utrecht University.

Courses at other faculties, departments or institutes

In case you would like to choose courses from other schools or faculties, you will have to put them on the course registration form as well. The deadline is included on the registration form. For further information, see:

Minor European Governance

Exchange students who are staying a full year in Utrecht, also have the possibility to take the minor the Minor's Programme in European Governance, see the relevant webpages.

Exchange students from other faculties can register for USG courses (check information under the header 'Available Courses’).

Exchange students from other faculties should register with their respective contact person at Utrecht University. The coordinator at home and at Utrecht School of Governance must approve the chosen USG courses.

Students must discuss the acceptance of courses with their home university before registering for them. In the event the course content is not clear from the descriptions available, they can contact the course coordinator in Utrecht before registration. The contact details are provided with the course descriptions in the course catalogue.

  • Exchange students for Utrecht School of Governance will receive information about the course registration procedure by email in May (for semester 1) or in October (for semester 2).
  • ​Students will have to complete and submit the online course registration form before the deadline as mentioned in the email. If a student cannot register for his/her first choice the student will be registered for the alternative choice if available. Please note that late registrations will only be considered for courses that have places available.
  • Students can register for a maximum of 2 courses per period and must provide one alternative course choice per period.
  • Students may register for courses from other faculties or institutes. A selection of possible choices is available on the menu below ‘Available courses'.  These courses count towards the maximum of 2 courses per period and should be filled out on the course registration form. Course registration is also subject to approval by the department/faculty concerned.

The standard workload for an exchange student is two courses of 7,5 EC per period. This means a workload of 15 EC per period; 30 EC per semester; and 60 EC for a complete academic year. Students who need to take more courses in a single period should motivate so on their course registration form.

Personal course schedule prospective exchange students
Prospective students can check the course registration in Osiris by the end of June. They will receive their personal course schedule, including course locations, in MyTimetable prior to the orientation to the Utrecht School of Governance. We expect your schedule to be available late August. Please note that it may take longer to progress courses from other schools/faculties.

For questions or assistance, please contact the student advisor Hetty Faber at

The courses in the programme for exchange students are conducted in English. The reading materials are also in English. Therefore proficiency in the English language is expected and required.

The Faculty of Law, Economics and Governance does not offer English language courses to foreign students. If a student needs extra language training, we advise him/her to prepare in their home country. More information about language requirements.


You can order your readers via the online shop. You can order them as follows:

  • Find the course(s) you want to order (a) reader(s) for by searching for your faculty (REBO – Bestuurs- en Organisatiewetenschap), selecting your programme and selecting the course you are taking. Order your readers per period.
  • Set the quantity of readers you want to order and click ‘order’.
  • Fill in your contact details and check if your order is correct.
  • Payments can be done using iDEAL, Visa card or Euro/Master card.
  • You’ll receive a confirmation of your order by e-mail.
  • Your order will be delivered within 8 working days.

As readers differ per period, only order readers for courses you are enrolled for in that period.

Please do not wait till the last moment with ordering your reader! Sometimes the readers are not in stock anymore and then it will take longer before the readers can be delivered. Try to avoid this in order to prepare yourself properly for the first lectures.


You can order books via Studystore:, or any other (online) bookstore. 

Students are expected to purchase course materials such as books and readers since active participation in courses requires knowledge of the course materials.

Utrecht School of Governance offers an Early Exit option for exchange students whose home university requires them to return home before January (due to conflicting academic calendars).
The Early Exit option means that you can finish the course before Christmas break, for a course load of 5 ECTS instead of the normal 7,5 ECTS. Students must make arrangements with the course coordinator at the start of the course in period 2.

Please note that by choosing this option, you cannot receive a full course load.

Early exit courses:

USG4180 European Governance (5 ECTS)
USG4430 Global Civil Society (5 ECTS)

For questions about courses, schedules, exams, special facilities, and all other practical matters, please contact the study advisor.

Name: Hetty Faber

Where: Bijlhouwerstraat 6, room 1.23 (first floor)
Tel. +31 30 253 9125

Students can drop by her office from Monday – Friday or make an appointment via e-mail.

For questions regarding your application, Erasmus grant, transcripts and visa, you best contact the International Exchange Office