Course registration


All new students commencing a Master's programme will be enrolled for the compulsory courses. This will be done in the orientation week by the Student Information Desk. Enrolment for your Master's thesis is done via a different procedure.
As a U.S.E Master's student you can enrol for a maximum of 3 courses per period. 

Course registration

Course registration can be done via OSIRIS. You can only do so during a registration period.

Registration Periods 2023-2024

Period 1 and 2 (Semester I)

30 May - 23 June 2023

Period 3 and 4 (Semester II)

30 October - 24 November 2023

Course deregistration

If you have registered for a course in which, on second thought, you do not wish to participate, please deregister as soon as possible, so that a fellow student can take your place.

You may deregister in OSIRIS until the end of the second week of the period in which the course is taught. After that it is no longer possible to deregister and 'NP' (Not Participated) will appear on your Study Progress Review.

Terminating your degree programme enrolment

If you want to terminate your enrolment in the degree programme, you need to submit a 'Request for de-enrolment' in Studielink (under 'My degree programmes' > select the degree programme for which you want to terminate your enrolment > 'Request for de-enrolment'). Studielink will subsequently send you a confirmation. Before you do this, it is helpful to carefully read exactly what you need to take into account.