The Young Talent Group

The Young Talent Group is a collaboration between the study associations JFV Grotius (Leiden), JSVU (Utrecht) and Magister JFT (Tilburg). The primary goal of the Young Talent Group is to inform Law students on opportunities in the work field, during and after their studies. On the webpage of the Young Talent Group, several (prospective) employers tell you more about about their experiences. Company profiles, an internship and vacancy database and agenda with all upcoming business courses and master classes show the students the various future opportunities. Are you looking for an internship or job? Register (for free) for the Young Talent Group!


Each year, (law) firms and companies organise business courses, master classes, internships etc. When registering for the Young Talent Group, you will receive free email notifications of all upcoming recruitment activities. When registering, students can indicate what their fields of interest are. In other words, you will only receive notifications of activities that interest you.

Law firms and companies

Besides the email notifications, the website of the Young Talent Group is an online platform on which the participating study associations and students can inform themselves on the participating law firms and companies. All companies and firms have a company profile on our website. Students can easily see whether or not a company may be a good match.


Our agenda shows when you can meet representatives of law firms and companies and how you can apply for those events. Furthermore, our internship and vacancy database shows available positions and how you can apply for these positions. It is possible to directly send your CV and motivational letter via our website or contact the law firm or company.


Would you like to register for free and keep informed on everything with regard to recruitment and work opportunities? Please visit the YTG website.