The course enrolment period for semester 1 (period 1 and 2) starts June 2 up to June 28.
Note: master’s students cannot enroll themselves in Osiris.

Please send an e-mail to ( the course enrolment period for which courses you want to be enrolled, stating the name of your master, the year in which you started, the course codes and your student number. Please note: you will be enrolled for the courses after the deadline.

Will you be you starting your master in September 2020? The Student Desk Law will enroll you for all courses of the Master’s program in the first semester. You can access your schedule in MyTimetable from mid-August onwards.



If you decide not to participate in a course, you need to have permission from your programme coordinator. 
If you not participate, you will receive the mentioning ‘Did not participate’ on your final transcript in Osiris.

This 'ND' is not replaceable by any subsequent participation in next block / semester / year. The 'ND' will still remain on the transcript, in addition to any new result of participation in the relevant course.

Disenrolment period from courses 2020-2021

  • Period 1:  t/m 14 September, 20202
  • Period 2: t/m 23 November, 2020
  • Period 3: t/m 22 February, 2021
  • Period 4: t/m 10 Mai, 2021

Note: you can not de-enroll yourself from a master course, you also need permission from the program leader of your master.

You can re-enrol as of 1 June. Make sure to finalise your re-enrolment before 1 September! If you are not enrolled before 1 September you cannot participate in the courses and exams of the first period. The re-enrolment procedure may differ per situation. Read more about (Re)-enrolment.

Please note: It is only possible to enrol with a starting date of 1 September. There is one exception; if you’re starting a Master’s programme with an official starting date in February, then you may enrol as of 1 February. Other exceptions are only possible with the explicit permission of your department or Faculty.

You can cancel your enrolment (application) until the start of your study programme. When enrolling per 1 September, you can cancel until 31 August at the latest, or 31 January at the latest if you are enrolling per 1 February (a starting date that applies to some programmes). In either case, you will not be required to pay any tuition fees.

If you want to unsubscribe for your education at the University of Utrecht, there are a number of things that you need to arrange. Read more about Termination of enrolment.