Study Routes

The bachelor programme ‘Economics and Business Economics’ is a real-world oriented 3-year bachelor programme that prepares you for a career as economist in various organisations. Whereas the first half of the programme equips you with a solid understanding of economic principles and related skills, the second half of the programme gives you the freedom to tailor our bachelor programme to your needs. It offers you a broad range of courses that enables you to specialize in several topics and perspectives ranging from micro-economics to macro-economics and economic policy, from business to entrepreneurship. To help you to select those courses such that they prepare you well enough for an academic master programme of your choice or for the kind of organisation you would like to work, we have developed ten so called ‘study routes’.

As you can see in the tool that we developed for helping you to customize your bachelor programme, each study route offers a unique combination of topics and skills: Online tool ‘U.S.E. study routes’. When planning your future study you can use the Courseplanner to select the courses mentioned in the Study Route tool to see how you can combine the courses of your choice. Please note: always consult the course catalogue to see the prerequisites of the courses of your choice.

The study routes