Do not forget about the following matters when you are abroad:

  • Once you have arrived at your destination and you are enrolled for the courses, you have to fill in the transfer credit request form to get official approval from the Board of Examiners to get the courses recognised upon return.
  • Make sure that you deal with all necessary arrangements regarding visa requirements or enrolment at your host university as soon as possible.
  • During your stay you may need to make some preparations for your return to Utrecht University. For instance, you may need to register for classes for the next semester before a certain deadline or have your Erasmus forms (like your Learning Agreement) filled out by the coordinator of your host university.

Adjustment and culture shock

While the introduction to new and foreign cultures greatly benefits students, it can also be overwhelming at times. The new cultural elements a student encounters abroad may be so different that they seem "shocking" in comparison to cultural norms he or she is used to at home.

You can read more information on culture shock here.

Useful websites 

Welcome back at U.S.E.!

Most of our partner universities send an electronic transcripts directly to the International Exchange Office. When we receive your transcript we will upload the document in Osiris and send you an email about it. Unfortunately you cannot see it in Osiris, but it will be attached in the email. If only a hard copy has been sent by mail, it will also be scanned and uploaded. You will be notified about it as well.

Please note: You need to arrange the transfer of your grades and credits with the Board of Examiners yourself. Please send an email to, informing them your transcript has been uploaded in Osiris.

To get your credits recognised and can count towards your degree in the Netherlands, you may need to provide additional information besides the transcript of grades. The Board of Examiners may, for instance, require an overview of the number of hours you spent on a particular subject, as well as the study materials used. In certain cases, you can also be requested to provide an explanation on how a course taken abroad was assessed.

Grades you obtain abroad are converted to Pass or Fail. In addition, the original courses and grades are recorded in OSIRIS and printed on the International Diploma Supplement.

By writing a report
Erasmus students/other students. Your report will be made available to UU students preparing for an exchange, placement or research period abroad. We will hide your name and student number.

By attending a Study Abroad Presentation or Pre-Departure Meeting
Talk about your experiences with other students, and answer their questions. They, as well as the International Office staff, will greatly appreciate your help! Contact your exchange coordinator at the International Office.

Use your international experience in Utrecht
If you are interested in getting to know international students in Utrecht, visit the website of ESN Utrecht. ESN is a student organisation that helps international students feel at home in Utrecht and the Netherlands by organising activities and through a mentor programme.

BuddyGoDutch connects international students to Utrecht students. The idea is to meet up in pairs for cultural exchange on a personal level. In addition, informal activities and get-togethers are organised for the participating students.

BuddyGoDutch is always looking for enthusiastic Utrecht students to take part. Would you like to be a buddy to an exchange student? Sign up at or check

More information about this can be found on Funding & Grants.

Read more about the phenomenon of 'reverse culture shock' that you might experience when returning home.