Within 2 years after graduation, 88% of the bachelors of Economics and Business Economics study a Master’s programme in the Netherlands (source: studiekeuze123, 2022).

Career prospects

The vast majority of U.S.E. graduates enrol in a Master’s programme in economics at U.S.E., elsewhere in the Netherlands and abroad. As a result, Utrecht economists find jobs as advisors, consultants or researchers in the Netherlands or abroad. In these roles you can, for instance, work in a multinational company or other business, a transport company, a bank, as an investor, for a project developer or a consulting firm. In addition, Utrecht economists find jobs as policy makers in government organisations, such as government departments, the provincial authorities, employers' associations, trade unions or European bodies.

A small number of graduates become scientific researchers, entrepreneurs, university lecturers or teachers. Studying economics in Utrecht opens the door to a wide range of careers!

Choose a Master’s programme

After completing your Bachelor in Economics and Business Economics, you can choose a Master’s programme, either at U.S.E. or at another university.
U.S.E. offers a Research Master (120 EC):

And the following Academic Master's (60 EC):

Amongst others the Faculty Law, Economics and Governance also offers the following Academic Master (60 EC):

If you are not sure which Master's programme is right for you, you might consider making an appointment with the Study Advisor.