frequently asked questions

  1. Can I do an internship as part of my Master's programme?
    No, an internship is not part of our Master’s programme. You could, however, do an external research thesis.
  2. How can I avoid study delay?
    Make sure your internship period is not too long. You could also consider doing your internship during the summer holidays, as many students do.
  3. I have already done an internship. Can I make it count for my study programme?
    No, unfortunately not. Internships have to be approved beforehand.
  4. Some of the written work I have done for my internships cannot be disclosed for reasons of privacy and cannot be part of my portfolio.
    Make agreements with the company about such matters beforehand. Would it be possible to have your work read if you left out all the names? Could you make a summary?
  5. The assignments during my internship were not written in either English or Dutch.
    Make a summary of your assignments in English or Dutch.
  6. Is it obligatory for the internship host to pay me?
    No, it is not. However, it is customary to reimburse the trainee’s travelling expenses.
  7. I want to do internship but not as a part of my study programme. Is someone at U.S.E. authorized to sign internship papers?
    No, in this case we have no part in internship and we may not sign anything.