Are you a second or third year bachelor's student and would you like to gain some work experience? Internships are the perfect opportunity to better come to grips with your talents, skills and abilities and to explore the practical value of your university education. Besides, internships offer many other advantages, such as gaining practical experience, improving your CV, gaining better employment prospects, and obtaining new networking contacts.

An internship can be part of your optional course profile and is set at 7.5 or 15 EC and counts as a level 2 course. The difference between a 7.5 and a 15 EC internship consist of a duration and a content part. Regarding the duration: the 7.5 EC internship should at least consist of 6 weeks full time (equivalent). The 15 EC internship should consist of at least 3 months.

For both internship versions, the entry requirement is a minimum score of 90 EC.

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