The Economics Honours Programme

Are you a highly motivated student and are you looking for an extra challenge? U.S.E. offers an honours programme that encourages students to develop their talents and ambitions.

The U.S.E. honours programme is a two and a half year programme, consisting of additional coursework and extracurricular activities, which you will follow alongside the regular activities of the Bachelor's programme. It is specially designed for students who want to challenge themselves and want to get the maximum out of their time at U.S.E. The programme consists out of three main elements: additional coursework, extracurricular activities, and honours courses. The additional coursework is integrated into the compulsory courses of the Bachelor's programme in semester 2 of year 1 and the first semester of year 2. The tutorials of these compulsory Bachelor's courses are taught by senior faculty members, so topics can be discussed more in-depth and in greater detail. You will also complete additional honours assignments within these courses. Extracurricular activities enable honours students to further develop their academic, social, and professional skills. Finally, by following additional honours courses, students are encouraged to explore real-world challenges in greater depth and to view problems from a multidisciplinary perspective.

The honours programme offers a unique opportunity to further develop yourself by getting access to the latest academic insights, to apply these insights to real-world issues, and by working together within a group of highly motivated students. Many students who participate in the honours programme also take part in exchange programmes at well-known international universities. The honours programme is concluded with an honours Bachelor's thesis. 

The structure and content of the programme as well as the admission requirement are provided below. For more information, you can also send an email to: use.honours@uu.nl

REBO Skills Academy

The Skills Academy enables you to develop skills from other scientific disciplines in addition to your own Bachelor/Master programme. Students in Governance, Economics and Law are welcome to join the REBO Skills Academy. 

The Skills Academy takes place every year in period 4 You will be notified about the application process in period 3 of each year.

The REBO Skills Academy offers small modules of 2.5 EC on honours level, during which you will learn beyond the confines of your own field of study. Starting in period 4, there are eleven modules about a diverse array of skills. Every module has four to six meetings. Most modules are offered in English, some are in Dutch.

You can follow modules at the Skills Academy from the second year of your Bachelor's onward. Master's students can also follow Skills Academy modules.

Are you interested? You can enrol for one or more modules. The number of places is limited. When there is more interest than there are places available, we will select on the basis of the moment of application per department. Your preferences will be taken into consideration in this process.

General info about REBO Skills Academy can be found on this UU page
For more info please contact: skillsacademy.REBO@uu.nl

Honours Programmes offered by Utrecht University

For bachelor students that can handle and want an extra academic challenge, the Honours College offers two honours programmes. You can choose from the short-term English spoken Da Vinci Project and the long-term Dutch spoken Descartes College. You follow these programmes on top of your bachelor study at the Utrecht University.