Dedicated Minors

In the Bachelor's programme Economics and Business Economics of U.S.E. you get the unique opportunity to attend a dedicated minor. This is a minor in a discipline that is related to Economics and Business Economics and that has been specially designed for economics students to broaden their insights.  

Optional course profile: Dedicated Minors

By doing such a dedicated minor you will be able to get a better understanding of the functioning of the economy. People are not only workers or consumers but are also members of their family, of a neighbourhood and other social groups, and this may have an impact on their behaviour that is not explained by the economic science alone. Also, the spatial environment and laws have an impact on economic outcomes that must be taken into account when studying economic issues. Furthermore, the Big Data revolution is having a profound effect on economics bringing new opportunities and challenges to economic analysis. In order to broaden your insights as an economist, you are advised to take a dedicated minor. 

If you decide to take a dedicated minor you must enroll for both the dedicated minor and for each of the courses it consists of.

If you successfully complete a dedicated minor, this will be recorded on your International Diploma Supplement grade list.

These are the four dedicated minors we offer:

Information meeting (February 2023)

The information event about the Optional Course Profile took place on 17 February 2023. You can view the powerpoint here.