Optional Course Profile & Dedicated Minors

You can fill in your Optional Course Profile in many different ways:

  • By choosing a Dedicated Minor

  • By taking a UU minor

  • By taking more major elective courses

Each February, the study advisors host an information meeting about the optional course profile. You can find the powerpoint from this presentation below. 

Presentation on the Optional Course Profile - Feb 2024 (PPT)

Dedicated Minors

In the Bachelor's programme Economics and Business Economics, you get the unique opportunity to attend a dedicated minor. This is a minor consisting of six courses in a discipline that is related to Economics and Business Economics and that has been specially designed for economics students to broaden their insights. You conclude the dedicated minor with a thesis at the interface of Economics and the combined discipline. There are four different Dedicated Minors, listed here below.

Dedicated Minor Law

This dedicated minor introduces the law and the legal system from the perspective of the central economic subjects in an economic system: consumers, firms and governments and international authorities.

Dedicated Minor Geography

This dedicated minor focuses on the geographical dimension of economic structures, processes and conduct. The programme has a firm focus on the real world, both in theory and practice.

Dedicated Minor Social Sciences

This dedicated minor combines economic insights with insights obtained from sociology and psychology, applied to real world problems at the level of companies, industries and nation states.

Dedicated Minor Applied Data Science for Economists

This dedicated minor introduces economics students to Data Science techniques, with an hands-on approach focusing on the use of programming in R to carry out empirical projects.

UU Minors

You can also use the space in your programme to take a regular minor. The following minors are particularly interesting for economics students: 

Take More Major Electives

It is also possible to not follow a specific programme and just take more major economics electives to fill up your optional course profile. By doing this, you can specialize in a specific topic or perspective. You can use the study routes to form a cohesive collection of electives. 

LUISS Programme

While not an official way to fill in your optional course profile, you can also sign up to take part in the LUISS programme in International Business Economics in your first year. As part of this selective programme, you will study abroad in Rome during your second year. 

Learn more about the LUISS programme