Academic Skills

Professional economists have to combine their knowledge of economics and the professional skills to apply this knowledge. During your bachelor studies at U.S.E. you will experience that all courses provide a combination of both elements. The skills we teach are:

  • Analytical skills
  • Communicational skills
  • Information processing
  • Academic reasoning
  • Academic research
  • Social responsibility
  • Labour market orientation

The online tool U.S.E. Study Routes presents the distribution of academic skills over various bachelor courses. In this table you can find a description of the various levels of each skill.

You can find the skills in the course descriptions in the Course Catalogue.

Blackboard Community

You can find more detailed information about working on academic skills in the 'Academic Skills' section of 'My Communities' on your Blackboard page.

Reflection report

In your third year you will conclude the skills with a reflection report. This reflection report is the synthesis and assessment for all the academic skills you obtained during your courses.  A 'pass' on the reflection report will be registered as a pass on Academic Skills. A pass on the academic skills is one of the exam requirements for your bachelor degree.

UU resources

Via Skills Lab, the university offers many resources, such as workshops, courses, online tools and individual consultations that help you develop academic and / or study skills. They cover a range of topics.”