On these pages you will find information concerning the different representative advisory bodies: the Degree Programme Committee and the University Council. The Faculty Council (Faculteitsraad) has information in Dutch only. Several forms of the evaluation of teaching at U.S.E. are also discussed.

The Utrecht University School of Economics (U.S.E.) has a one Degree Programme Committee (OC) for the academic programmes.
The OC safeguards the quality of its teaching, addresses any potential bottlenecks and gives advice, asked or unasked, concerning the development and execution of education policy.

For all questions and/or remarks concerning teaching you can contact the members of the OC by their email address: dpc.use@uu.nl

The OC is comprised of students and lecturers. The OC members in 2017-2018 are:

Staff members Bachelor: 
Dr. Annette van den Berg (chair person)
Drs. Rob Bolder
Mrs. Carla Janse van Vuuren
Dr. Coen Rigtering

Students Bachelor:
Ruth Whitehead (3rd year)
Elisa Teragno (2nd year)
Judith van der Nat (1st year)
Filippo Martini (3rd year)

Staff members Masters:
Dr. Thomas van Huizen
Luigi Pinna MSc
Riccardo Valboni MSc

Students Masters:
Lisanne Born (Law and Economics)
Karim Qurie (Business Development and Entrepreneurship)
Sharon Spruit (Economic Policy) 

The research master is represented  by a Programme Degree Committee Research Masters of the Faculty of Law, Economics and Governance:  

Prof. Janneke Gerards (chair person)
Dr. Elena Fumagalli
Sebastiaan Tieleman
Dr. Eva Knies
Max Vetzo

The Student Interest Body (StIB) is the committee from study association ECU’92 that consists of all members involved in student representation at U.S.E and the faculty. In this committee we share one goal: “Improving education to the benefit of students”. Although all members have different mandates in different governance bodies, in the StIB we combine all our insights and mandates to analyse points of improvement and achieve common goals.

So if you, as a student, have a matter concerning your courses or other educational matters; we encourage you to contact one of your representatives! If you do not know where your suggestion, complaint or compliment has to go to, send an email to education@ecu92.nl. You can also drop by at the ECU’92 room and talk to the Coordinator of Educational Affairs from the board.

StIB consists of the following students:

  • 4 students from the Bachelor Degree Programme Committee
  • 4 students from the Master Degree Programme Committee
  • 3 students from the Faculty Council
  • 1 student from the U.S.E. Board
  • 1 student from the BUS and GBU

For an up-to-date lists of representatives, please check out the StIB page on ECU’92’s website.

Want to know more about joining student representation yourself? Contact the Coordinator of Educational Affairs of ECU’92.

Utrecht University School of Economics (U.S.E.) constantly strives to improve its teaching. To do so, we have a quality control system using course evaluations and evaluations of the entire academic programme.

Your opinion on our education is important. The course coordinators take the evaluation outcomes into account, when making changes in their courses for the next year.

For the course evaluations, we ask you to fill in a digital evaluation in Caracal. At the last lecture, you will be asked to bring your device (laptop, tablet or smartphone) to fill in questions about the course. In case the course has a final exam you are invited (by mail) for another, small evaluation in which only the exam-related questions are asked.

The outcome of this evaluation and points of improvement are discussed in the education board and the Degree Programme Committee.

For the evaluation of the academic programme, we request each graduate to fill in an opinion poll, also in Caracal.

You will also have the opportunity to voice your opinion about the programme through opinion polls like the National Student Survey. Of this, the outcome and points of improvement are also discussed in the Education Board and the Degree Programme Committee.


De faculteitsraad is het medezeggenschapsorgaan voor personeel en studenten van de faculteit. Het faculteitsbestuur bespreekt met de faculteitsraad de onderwerpen waarop ze wettelijke bevoegdheden heeft en alle andere onderwerpen die het faculteitsbestuur of de faculteitsraad van belang vinden om te bespreken. De taken en bevoegdheden van de faculteitsraad staan in het faculteitsreglement.


De faculteitsraad is een gekozen raad, de leden worden benoemd door verkiezingen te houden. De studentgeleding wordt ieder jaar gekozen, de personeelsgeleding om het jaar in de oneven jaren. De kiescommissie verzorgt de voorbereiding en uitvoering van de verkiezing, op basis van het kiesreglement.

Voor meer informatie of het stellen van vragen kun je contact opnemen via REBO_Faculteitsraad@uu.nl