Simon Fraser University is an exchange destination for bachelor and for master (limited though!) students from the Faculty of Law, Economics and Governance at Utrecht University 

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Academic calendar

Academic calendar

Simon Fraser University operates on a trimester system. Each academic term is 15 weeks in length, including the final exam period.

Although the calendar year is divided into three terms, two terms are equivalent to one full academic year. Exchange/Study Abroad students may attend SFU for one or two of the following:

Fall term (early September – mid December)
Spring term (early January – mid April)
Summer term (early May - mid August)


Areas of study open to exchange students

(Below information is subject to change)

Undergraduate courses are numbered 100-400. Undergraduate students may take courses from multiple subject areas (Students coming to SFU from a Business partner are required to take a minimum of 3 courses from within the Beedie School of Business.).
SFU does its best to accommodate course requests, but cannot guarantee access to specific courses. For more information on course selection please see: <>

Keep this also in mind:

Due to demand and space restrictions, exchange/study abroad students will not receive priority enrollment for 300-400 level ECON courses. During the enrollment period, students may be added to the wait list for a maximum of 2 courses. 

The following courses are restricted for all inbound exchange/study abroad students. Exceptions are possible, but require special permission from the course instructors or the Economics Undergraduate Chair to make certain the student's background is sufficient for them to be well prepared. Please contact International Services for Students in regards to access to those courses.

Econ 402 - Advanced Microeconomic Theory
Econ 403 - Advanced Macroeconomic Theory
Econ 435 - Econometric Methods
Econ 499 - Honors Seminar in Economics

If you wish to request access to Economics courses, with pre-requisites, please follow these steps:

First, look at the pre-requisites for the courses you will be requesting listed in the calendar website

Second, look up the pre-requisite course descriptions and identify from your home university transcript which course or courses you have taken and feel could be used to meet those pre-requisites. Please send us a list that relates the transcript to the pre-requisites. If the course has a minimum number of units required, you must also show you meet the equivalent at your home university.

Third, you must provide a course outline for each of those pre-requisite courses.  This should not be just a 3 line course description but an actual course outline of the topics covered.  If necessary this should be translated in English.  A link to the original university website course page for that specific course containing the course outline may be used for this.

These courses outlines will be evaluated to make certain the student's background is sufficient for them to be well prepared for the course.

More information on courses. / Restricted subject and courses

As for master level: Graduate applications must be approved by the relevant academic unit. Some of SFU’s graduate programs are oversubscribed, or are otherwise unsuitable for hosting exchange students. As such, admission to your preferred graduate program is not guaranteed. See also here for further detailed information and the procedures. 
Graduate students must submit a minimum of 3 courses from within the same department (unless they will be doing full-time research). Graduate courses are numbered 500-900. Graduate students can take courses from within a single subject area.

Application requirements

SFU does not have a minimum GPA requirement for inbound exchange students.

Language requirements

Language of instruction: English

Find here the language certificate requirements

No language requirement is needed for students who study a fully English taught BA.


Estimated living costs per month

More information on the website


You can find information on this university’s credits in the credit conversion table

Number of places available

2 places per year

Health insurance

SFU has a mandatory primary medical insurance plan for inbound international exchange/study abroad students. Students who can provide proof of acceptable equivalent coverage are able to opt out.

For more information on medical insurance please see the following website


More information on the website


More information on the website

SFU also works with an Exchange buddy Program

Do you have any questions about this partner university or would you like to know more?

Contact the International Exchange Office of the Faculty of Law, Economics and Governance.

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Contact details International Exchange Office

Attention! Due to the developments concerning the corona virus, all of our walk-in hours are cancelled until further notice.

You can reach us at for questions or othe signing of documents. Please mention your UU student number and field of study. 

You will be able to reach us by phone on Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday from 1.30 PM to 3 PM +31 (0)30 253 7289.

Vera Noot
non-Europe: Paula Banning
For questions or appointments, please contact the exchange coordinators at

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