Adam Smith Hall, room 0.01

Kriekenpitplein 21-22, 3584 EC Utrecht
+31 30 253 42 83

Fax: +31 30 253 73 73
Postal address: P.O. Box 80125, 3508 TC Utrecht, the Netherlands

Opening hours

Monday to Friday 11.00 to 14.00


Monday through Friday 9.00 to 16.00

When to contact the Student Information Desk?

You can go to the Student Information Desk for questions about the registration of your study progress and things concerning enrolment and termination of enrolment for exams and education.

Study Advisors:

- Mr. Drs. Huub Klein Schiphorst
- Ms. Drs. Janneke Nolles

Adam Smith Hall
Kriekenpitplein 21-22
3584 EC Utrecht


Walk-in consultation: Monday, Tuesday and Thursday between 10 a.m. and 11. a.m. 

Please note: On Monday March 4, the walk-in hour takes place between 14h-15h instead of 10h-11h.

Appointments: Book an appointment online.

Need to get your study plan signed?

There is another extra walk-in hour on Wednesday 28 November 2018 between 16h and 17h specifically for students who need to get their study plan for going abroad signed. Please note that the last available moment to have your study plan signed will be during the walk-in hour on Thursday 29 November.

Exchange Officer - Ms. Felix Zielinski

You can contact the Exchange Officer by sending an e-mail to

For incoming students: if you need to have your learning agreement signed, please send us an email with the digital document or come by the Student Information Desk on working days between 11:00 and 14:00. The exchange officer will sign the documents within 2 working days.

Location: Adam Smith Hall, room 0.01

Until further notice requests for the Board of Examiners U.S.E. can only be submitted by email. The option of calling the Board of Examiners is no longer available. 

Email: or 
Address: Adam Smith Hall (International Campus Utrecht), Kriekenpitplein 21-22, 3584 EC Utrecht, the Netherlands 
Please make sure your request to the Board of Examiners bears your name and student number.

Click here for more information about the Board of Examiners.

Career Officer U.S.E. – Thérèse Albers

Do you have questions about how to combine an internship with your study (Bachelor students), do you want career advice, want someone to check your resume, cover letter and/or LinkedIn profile or do you have other questions regarding job market orientation, such as how to enter the Dutch labour market? Make an appointment (

For initial orientation and supervision of your internship, please contact the U.S.E. internship coordinator via