You may graduate when you have met all of the graduation requirements. The Board of Examiners will notify you when you have done so. Please check your email on that day regularly. That's very important for matters of e.g. termination of your enrolment.

In order to graduate, you must be enrolled in the correct degree programme in Osiris. The education programme will enrol you in the degree programme, which you can verify in Osiris. 
Your name will be stated on the diploma and the appendix (i.e. grade list), as registered in Osiris.
Are you not enrolled correctly in Osiris and/or is your name not stated correctly in Osiris? Then please contact the Board of Examiners

The graduation requirements for Bachelor's students can be found here.


1. Have you obtained 165 ECTS? You will then receive an email from the Board of Examiners.

2. Determination of graduation
The Board of Examiners checks to see whether you have completed the graduation programme according to Osiris at 09.00 on the last workday of the month. In some months the Board of Examiners checks this more often. After that the Board verifies whether you indeed meet the graduation requirements and informs you of its findings by email as soon as possible. This email contains your graduation date and other information, such as terminating your registration and your student grant. You will also be asked to provide additional information via a web form. Please check your email regularly, because you are responsible for terminating your enrolment in time.

Do you want to know what your graduation date is?
The last working day of the month in which your last result was registered in Osiris (which means that you meet your graduation requirements) will become your graduation date. 

How do you know that a result is registered in Osiris? It’s visible in your study record system in Osiris.

  • Example 1: you have your last test on the 25 April, it’s marked on 6 May and on 7 May your grade is registered and therefore visible in Osiris . Your graduation date is therefore the last working day of May.
  • Example 2: you handed in your thesis on  12 June. The defence takes place on 26 June and the grade is registered in Osiris on 27 June. Your graduation date is therefore the last working day of June.

Do you not wish to graduate just yet? In certain cases it is possible to postpone your graduation

If you think that you have graduated and have not yet received word of this, then please send an email to the Board of Examiners

Your graduation date is the last working day of the month in which your final result is registered in Osiris (at 9.00 on the last working day). 

Verification Date (before 9:00 hours)  Graduation Date Pick up Diploma as of*
Fri 28-09-2018 Fri 28-09-2018 Tue 16-10-2018
Wed 31-10-2018 Wed 31-10-2018 Fri 16-11-2018
Fri 30-11-2018 Fri 30-11-2018 Tue 18-12-2018
Fri 21-12-2018 Fri 28-12-2018 Fri 18-01-2019
Thu 31-01-2019 Thu 31-01-2019 Mon 18-02-2019
Thu  28-02-2019 Thu  28-02-2019 Mon 18-03-2019
Fri 29-03-2019 Fri 29-03-2019 Tue 23-04-2019
Tue 30-04-2019 Tue 30-04-2019 Mon 20-05-2019
Wed 29-05-2019 Fri 31-05-2019 Mon 17-06-2019
Fri 28-06-2019 Fri 28-06-2019 Tue 16-07-2019
Fri 30-08-2019 Fri 30-08-2018 T.b.a.

* unless you are taking part in a graduation ceremony

N.B. During the months of July and August Osiris will be checked more often to monitor which students are eligible for graduation. When you graduate in this period the graduation date will be August 31st 2019. You will receive an Official Confirmation of Graduation before this date. When the thesis grades are in Osiris before July 18th 2019 (Bachelor) or before July 25th (Master) this confirmation will be sent before August 1st 2019. If the grades are entered on a later date the confirmation will be sent before August 31st.

Take part in a graduation ceremony
If you wish to participate in the Graduation Ceremony, please indicate this on the web form that will be sent to you in your final notification. You have five working days to return the form, if we receive it any later you will be placed on a waiting list for the ceremony.

  • If you are a Bachelor student please attach your curriculum vitae (resumé) and a few lines on your plans and ambitions to the application webform.
  • If you are a LUISS/Honours student please attach a file containing a short summary of your thesis, your curriculum vitae (resumé) and a few lines on your plans and ambitions to the application web form.
  • If you are a Master student please attach a file containing a short summary of your thesis, your curriculum vitae (resumé) and a few lines on your plans and ambitions to the application webform.

Without this information it is not possible to participate in the ceremony.

It is possible to graduate during the academic year and receive your diploma during the graduation ceremony at a (much) later date. If you have indicated beforehand (before June 2018) that you want to participate in the graduation ceremony, you will be invited automatically.

All ceremonies are in cap and gown, which will be lent to you by USE. The caps and gowns can be borrowed, free of charge. You only will be asked to deposit your ID or driver’s licence.

Members of your family and your friends are welcome to attend the reception. More information about the number of guests will follow in the formal invitation.

The Graduation Ceremonies of 2019 take place in September/October 2019. The exact dates will be announced here as soon as possible. 

Pick up
You can pick up your diploma (on presenting a valid identification card) at the Student Information Desk Economics. Please take a look at the table above to see when your diploma is ready to be picked up. 

Authorise someone else to pick up your diploma
If you can't pick up your diploma yourself, you can authorise someone else to pick up your diploma for you. Please fill out this authorisation form

Receive your diploma by post (only to non-Dutch addresses)
If you are not able to pick up your diploma and you are not living in the Netherlands, you can request to receive your diploma at your home address by filling in this form. The amount of costs is €25,00.

We will send the diploma, diploma supplement and a certified copy of the diploma supplement. Please note that it is not possible to send a certified copy of your diploma, as your signature should be on the diploma first.

We will send the documents using PostNL and you will receive the Track and Trace number once we received the payment.

If you have questions, please send an email to the Student Information Desk (

The Board of Examiners will verify whether you have met the requirements for graduating cum laude. More information about cum laude can be found in the Education and Examination Regulations

If you commenced the first year of your Bachelor’s programme or Master’s programme after September 2017, then your average grade and the Grading Table will be noted on the appendix of your diploma. 

Do you wish to postpone your graduation? Then you may submit your request to the Board of Examiners, within two weeks after receiving the email that you have met the graduation requirements. This email will state detailed information about postponement. 

In 2017-2018 postponement will certainly be granted if you:    

  • Are to assume a board position for which a board scholarship from Utrecht University is available
  • Are to do an internship or follow a course abroad
  • Must take courses which are obligatory for admittance to a Master's programme (please note: only applicable for Bachelor students).

Postponement granted
If you are permitted to postpone your graduation, you will receive notification of such. The notification will state until which date the postponement will be valid. After this date, you will once again receive notification that you have met the graduation requirements. You will then be told on which date you are to graduate.  

Postponement not granted
If your request for postponement is not granted, you will receive notification of this fact. You will also be notified of your graduation date and given information about such subjects as the termination of your registration and your your student grant. In Step 2 of the ‘Steps to take when graduating'you will find more information on what is expected of you.

What to consider when you are (soon to be) graduating

When you are about to graduate, there are a few things you have to keep in mind:

If you have a DigiD and graduated after 1995, you can obtain certification of your graduation directly from the DUO diploma registry (only available in Dutch). If you don’t have a DigiD, or if you graduated before 1995, you can request certification of your graduation via this online form. Read more about verification of education.

Do you want to keep contact with alumni of Utrecht University?

  • The University Foundation is the University’s alumni organisation. The Foundations runs events and activities for graduates of Utrecht University and supports the student experience by funding activities by and for students.
  • The UU Mentor Network: giving or receiving advice on your career.
  • Are you a recent graduate? Come and join the Young Alumni Network.

Alumni of Utrecht University School of Economics (U.S.E.)

Utrecht University School of Economics (U.S.E.) attaches great importance to its alumni. You are the ambassadors who represent us in many ways, for instance by the role you play in society. We therefore would like to welcome you to be involved, for example as a guest lecturer, by sending us interesting internships and job possibilities and by attending events such as the annual Alumni Event. Also, we encourage you to let students experience what it’s like to work at your company, for example by organising an inhouse day or a company visit. 

Alumni Coordinator

Do you want to organise an alumni event for your own cohort and do you need some extra help, are you interested in giving workshops or showing students your workplace, do you have internships and/or job vacancies for starters at your company that might be interesting for U.S.E. students or do you have other suggestions or tips? Please feel free to contact us via e-mail

Stay in contact 

Become a member of the U.S.E. Linkedin group and stay informed of events for alumni, vacancies and news. Through this group you can easily get in contact with other U.S.E. alumni, which might help you to broaden your network. Follow the latest news on Twitter (@USE_UU), Facebook, and/or Instagram.  

Alumni Newsletter

Twice or three times a year, we will send an Alumni Newsletter. Here, you will find information about upcoming events, news items about developments at U.S.E. and much more. 

Recent newsletters:

March 2018
December 2017
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January 2017



12 April - Alumni Event: "Back to School"
16 May - Life after U.S.E.

Utrecht University

The Utrecht University Fund organises many events and stimulates you to participate in networks, such as the Young Alumni Network. Have a look at the possibilities for alumni.