Regular Enrolment Periods Academic year 2020-2021
Semester 1

Period 1 and 2
2 June - 28 June 2020

Semester 2

Period 3 and 4
2 November - 29 November 2020

Late Enrolment days (only remaining places)
Period 1

17 and 18 August 2020

Period 2

26 and 27 October 2020

Period 3

25 and 26 January 2021

Period 4

6 and 7 April 2021

Participation in a course is only guaranteed when you enrol for courses during the regular enrolment period, so make sure you use this period. Furthermore, please also make sure you enrol for the Bachelor's programme via Studielink when you enrol for your first semester courses. 

The courses which are open during the late enrolment days are very limited: only the courses which have remaining places will be open.
Read all about how to register during this late enrolment dates on the page on enrolment for courses.

Please note! Avoid overlap in timeslots.