Course registration

From the second semester of your first year onward, you need to register for your courses yourself. You need to do this before the start of each semester during specific registration periods (see below). You can sign up for a maximum of three courses (22.5 EC) per period.

You sign up for your courses through Osiris. To see which courses you need to follow at which point in the year, you can look at the study programme. If you want to have more information on each course (i.e. entry requirements, lecturers etc.), you can find this in the Course Catalogue by searching for the name of the course or the course ID.

Note that when you register for courses in Osiris, you also need to sign up for a tutorial  group. Please make sure you can actually make your chosen seminar time, as it is not possible to switch tutorial groups later on. 

You do not need to sign up for exams separately, this is done automatically when you sign up for a course. 

Please ensure you have no overlap in the courses you want to follow, by looking at the information on the timeslot system.