Student supervision

It can be difficult sometimes to navigate a huge organisation like Utrecht University. This is why there are numerous people you can go to for supervision and advice:

  • Lecturer
    Lecturers are the first people for you to contact if you have questions or uncertainties about a course.
  • Bachelor Tutor-Mentor system (1st year)
    A tutor is a U.S.E. staff member who is assigned to guide a group of students during a certain period of their study. Your first year tutor will be your teacher of the tutorial sessions in the course Introduction to Economics and Business Economics, one of the two courses in the first period. They will not only teach about the content of the course, but will also pay attention to academic and study skills and personal development. Beside your tutor, you will have a mentor. The mentor is a senior U.S.E. student assigned to a group of freshmen students to assist and advise them to become familiar with their study, the U.S.E. organization and student life in general. 
  • Bachelor Tutor (as of the 2nd year)
    After the first year you will get a new tutor. This tutor is a U.S.E. staff member and is not connected to one specific course. 
  • Study Advisor
    The Study Advisor is a confidential advisor and acts as a mediator between students and lecturers. They can help you with problems involving academic motivation, delays, exemptions, absence from exams, studying abroad, a study plan that does not follow the conventional routes etc.
  • Student Information Desk Economics
    For study-related questions and information about practical matters involving education.

Other types of supervision

  • Student Psychologist
    A student psychologist can help you resolve personal and study-related problems that can interfere with your academic progress. 
  • Skills lab
    At Skills Lab, you can take training courses and the like to sharpen your academic skills (better and more effective study, research or communication). 
  • Career Services
    Career Services helps you get acquainted with the job market. This is where you can go for career training, an assessment of your application letter or CV, an individual consultation, and more.