Matching U.S.E.

It is important to choose a study which suits you best. U.S.E. would like to contribute to this process. Our mandatory matching activity provides you with a first experience into the life of a student Economics and Business Economics in Utrecht and you will meet the U.S.E. professors and your future fellow students. You will attend a lecture and a tutorial on a specific topic, and you will also be tested on your skills and personality by completing a number of tasks. At the end of the day this whole experience will support you in making your study choice. Read more about the experiences of a current student below and watch the movie on matching (in Dutch only).

The matching days of Economics and Business Economics will take place on:

  • Thursday 20 April, 2023
  • Thursday 8 June, 2023
  • Thursday 29 June, 2023

Please note that there is a maximum capacity for the matching days of 8 June and 29 June. If maximum capacity is reached, you will no longer be able to match on this specific date. Therefore, it is advised to fill out the matching form as soon as possible.

You will receive an invitation for the matching day of your choice and access to the study material no later than two weeks in advance.

Making the right choice

Student Britt shares her experiences with matching: ‘The Matching Day has proven to be of great value with regard to the decision-making of a still doubtful student. In an empirical way I was assured that U.S.E was the right choice for me. As a result of this day I was able to get to know the programme well and the educational system before completing the admissions process.
As everyone who was interested, I attended a lecture, read the course material and did some home study and finalize the Matching with a test.
The result of the test really helped me to determine that I wanted to study at U.S.E and it gave me more confidence that I could finish the programme, most likely on great terms.’

A real world perspective

Studying at U.S.E. means studying at a high-ranked university. As you might have heard during the Open Days or Taster Days, U.S.E. focuses on a real world perspective, taking into account insights from other disciplines such as geography, law, data sciences and social sciences. Because economics is more than just facts and figures.  

The bachelor programme Economics and Business Economics provides you with all the basic knowledge and insights of economics and combines this with a selection of courses in business economics. The programme consists of mandatory courses and of major-related electives and an optional course profile, giving you the opportunity to take courses that suit your ambitions and interests.


"Setting my heart on pursuing Economics and Business Economics at U.S.E has been my best decision so far.

Besides a dynamic combination of different disciplines offered from the course itself, I was also given the opportunity to meet amazing and talented people from different parts of the world. My first academic year has indeed broadened my horizons; I have been able to make new international friends, share innovative ideas and exchange knowledge of cultural customs. This kind of international exposure is essential to my academic and personal growth as it helps me view issues from different perspectives as well as establishing long-lasting friendships. The current Bachelor’s programme in Economics and Business Economics is being taken by students from over 50 countries of the world, which provides a multicultural setting that is to be found hardly anywhere else! 

If you really want to come out of your shell and broaden your circle of friends, U.S.E is your golden chance!" 

Questions about studying at U.S.E.? Visit our contact page where you can have a chat with our Unibuddy students.


"While some first-year courses are more theoretical in their approach, helping you acquire the necessary tools for the study, many of the courses at U.S.E primarily focus on real-world issues. How can developing countries balance sustainability and growth? How do we adapt economic models to incorporate more accurate depictions of human behaviour? Which type of financial product earns you the most money, as risk-free as possible? - These are all questions we will endeavour to answer during the programme. The real-world perspective is not just gained through teaching, but also through case studies and class-room debates, which can be the most stimulating part of the study! In addition, taking one of the inter-disciplinary minor programmes can also help you apply the knowledge you'll acquire to the real world."

Questions about studying at U.S.E.? Visit our contact page where you can have a chat with our Unibuddy students.

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