Introductie voor eerstejaars


Welcome to the Bachelor's programme in Economics and Business Economics. You will find all of the practical details of your programme on this site. 


Matching is only mandatory for students who have a Dutch address on 1 May 2021. More information about Matching. 

Orientation programme

During the orientation, you will meet the people with whom you will be dealing during your studies and receive all sorts of practical information. To get a feel of Utrecht and Utrecht University, please visit our Online Campus, where you can visit us online through the eyes of our students. 

International Campus Utrecht

The Adam Smith Hall and Spinoza Hall are the most important buildings. Here you can find the Student Information Desk Economics, the study advisors, computer rooms, and a canteen to meet your fellow students. More information on the International Campus Utrecht (in Dutch) and see the video of the campus below.

Meet teacher dr. Tina Dulam
Photo of dr. Tina Dulam

Practicing science provides insight into what would otherwise remain unexplored. You can learn how to do this at the university. Teaching at the Utrecht University School of Economics has been an exciting journey so far. From the first day on meaningful connections are built by creating a friendly environment for open discussions, leading to independent and responsible students and valuable insights about topical issues. Especially the tutor-mentor system, where students get extra guidance from teachers and senior students regarding their studies, shows that teaching is a social construct. The Utrecht University has proven to support this construct effectively in times of Corona through specially-equipped education rooms and a well-developed toolbox for digital teaching. This has made my life and that of students easier. Looking forward to get connected with you. Preferably face-to-face!

Honours Programme

If you are interested in participating in the U.S.E. Honours Programme, please check Honours Programme for more information.  

LUISS Programme

In collaboration with the Italian university Libera Università Internazionale degli Studi Sociali Guido Carli (LUISS), Utrecht University School of Economics (U.S.E.) offers an unique exchange programme in International Business Economics.

Study association

ECU’92 is the study association for all students at Utrecht University School of Economics (U.S.E.). Part of the orientation week is hosted by them and they host all sorts of activities throughout the year, both in the context of the programme and otherwise. This helps you to quickly get to know your fellow students. 

Online Dutch course

Get to know Utrecht, all while learning Dutch! UU has developed an online course especially for international students that will start their studies at Utrecht University this coming semester: “Getting to know (the) Dutch”.

Skills Lab

Skills Lab offers free (online) writing tutoring and (online) study coaching for every UU student. In these sessions you can discuss your questions with a trained student, called tutors. Writing tutors can help you with questions about your writing style, argumentation, structure and much more. Study coaches can help you with efficient studying, planning and they can provide strategies for how to prepare for an exam. For more information, please visit Skills Lab

Timetable, marks and student card

The MyUU portal (see the Log In link on the top right of this window) and the MyUU app contains your marks in OSIRIS, your student card and your personal timetable. You can download the app from the Android and Apple app stores. Then log in with the user name you received at registration (your Solis ID / student number) and the corresponding password. 

You can also check your timetable on UU's schedule website: MyTimetable. You use your Solis ID to log in on this site, too. Your schedule in MyTimetable automatically appears in the MyUU app and vice-versa.

Linking to your diary

It is easy to link MyTimetable to your own electronic diary. All common formats are supported. You will find detailed instructions on the 'Help’ page in MyTimetable. You might receive an error message when linking to Google Calendar. If so, try again.


You can find your personal schedules in MyTimetable. The CoursePlanner can help you plan your academic career.

Time slot model

The time slot model

When registering for courses you must select courses from different time slots to prevent having to take lectures, tutorials or exams at the same time. The time slots allow you to make up your own schedule. The picture on the right shows the week's division in different time slots.

How to use time slots when registering for courses?

  • You will find the most recent available courses, registration codes and matching time slots in OSIRIS
  • If a course is indicated by a combination of letters (for instance C/D), then the course is in both slots and you have to make sure that your other courses are in the other slots (so A and/or B). Not all the hours of the time slots are used for teaching.
  • In the OSIRIS registration screen you will see in which time slots the course is available (A, B, C, D of E, or a combination of these).
  • Course registration in identical time slots may lead to overlap in teaching and/or exams. So make sure to register for courses that do not overlap.
Time slot model exams

The exam time slot model

If an exam is scheduled outside the regular course schedule, it can be scheduled according to the exam time slot model. These times are different from the course times.

Academic year calendar

Download here the academic calendar, including information about enrolment dates.

U.S.E. Academic Calendar 2020-2021 (pdf)

U.S.E. Academic Calendar 2021-2022 (pdf)

  • Non-teaching Days: no classes, tests and resits scheduled.
    Group or individual arrangements can be made if agreed upon by both the student and the teacher, e.g. handing in an assignment, doing a resit or receiving feedback.
  • Christmas break: no classes, tests and resits. 
    Students do not have to be available for teaching or study activities. 
  • Summer break: no classes, tests and resits scheduled.
    Group or individual arrangements can be made if agreed upon by both the student and the teacher, e.g. handing in an assignment, doing a resit or receiving feedback. 

Courses or educational activities offered (in part) by other faculties than Utrecht University School of Economics may diverge from this year calendar. Those who want to plan ahead can consult the multiple year overview for the starting dates of the semesters, blocks and the Christmas break. Note: no rights can be claimed from the information in this calendar.

Update personal details

Make sure your email address in Studielink is always up to date. Important messages about your registration and suchlike are sent to this email address. You can update your personal details via Studielink, for example your first name, telephone number, language preference and e-mail address. Please have a look at the Studielink Q&A. If you have any questions, please feel free to visit the Student Information Desk Economics at Adam Smith Hall or contact them through email:

Changing address details

You must always submit a change of your official residential address to the Persons Database. Studielink and Osiris subsequently receive details of your address automatically. It is important that the correct address is registered, including for receiving study financing.