All U.S.E. Bachelor's degree students who meet the following conditions can apply for a study abroad period: 

  1. You must have earned at least 60 ECTS at the time of applying;
  2. You need to be registered as a student at Utrecht University during your stay abroad;
  3. You are required to incorporate the courses taken abroad in your U.S.E. study programme;
  4. It is recommended to have good skills in the language of the host country.

U.S.E. partners

Utrecht University School of Economics (U.S.E.) has several partner universities. These have been chosen specifically for their economics department or courses, which complement the curriculum at U.S.E. well. Think of courses that fit in well with your own multidisciplinary programme or minor, or courses in the field of business economics, regional economics, governmental administration, etc.

Utrecht University wide partners

Utrecht University currently has 97 partner universities in 42 countries worldwide: the full list can be found at
Remember to check whether the Utrecht University partner in which you are interested offers sufficient economics courses and if their quality is satisfactory. Utrecht University destinations are selected in accordance with the overall standard of the university, not on the strength of its economics programmes per se.

* Before applying online:

  • Download the format of a study plan from the website (prepare your documents);
  • You have to make a study plan for your first choice partner university only. Attach the courses' titles, descriptions, levels, course codes, prerequisites and literature. Check how many ECTS you will need to receive abroad and mention the number of courses that correspond with this. Ensure that the courses you choose are open to exchange students, do not overlap with courses you have already taken at Utrecht. And make sure your courses are at a sufficient level;
  • Make an appointment through  with the study advisor to discuss your study plan. Only signed study plans by the study advisor for an initial approval, can be accepted;
  • You have to get official approval from the Board of Examiners AFTER you are enrolled for the courses at the partner university. In order to get official approval, you will need to fill in the online form.

While making your study plan, please consider the following:

* Students with a dedicated minor can spend a period studying abroad, this is encouraged.
If the partner university offers courses in the direction of your dedicated minor, please ensure you choose these courses. However, this may not be possible at all partner universities, and for this reason U.S.E. is flexible in approving courses to be included in the dedicated minor. Please note, it is important to choose courses which can substitute minor courses. This means that the courses are required to be at a comparable level (level 3 for 3rd year students).

* Include a proposal on how you want the courses to count towards your exam programme. (For example, as a major-related elective, as an optional course profile.) Also include the level of the courses. You can only take a course as a substitution of a required course, if there is an overlap regarding level and content of at least 80%. The more information you include in your proposal, the quicker and easier it is to decide whether the courses will be approved.

* Upload the signed study plan and all other required documents as part of your on-line application in Osiris Student. You will receive an automatic generated email your application has been received and will be processed as soon as possible. 



All the information on the application procedure (via Osiris Student) can be found on this Utrecht University website

Please keep in mind the following:

  • Ensure you find a partner which offers sufficient courses to complement your BA Economics and Business Economics;
  • If you apply for one of the universitywide partner universities, your application will be handled by the Universitywide International Office. If you apply for a U.S.E. partner institution, the International Office of the faculty Law, Economics and Governance will process your request;
  • To increase your chances of getting an exchange place, we advise you to select a top 3 of destinations;
  • Late applications will only be considered for the remaining places;
  • Remaining places will be published after the selection is finished and will be allocated on a first come first serve basis.

The application deadline for all U.S.E. and UU partners is: December 1.

Please make sure you plan your appointment with the study advisor well before that.

If you intend to do an internship or research abroad, please register in osiris although you do not have to follow the regular exchange procedure.
Please check the procedure.

After you have filled out your complete application in Osiris Student and uploaded all the necessary attachments, the International Office will start the allocation procedure:

  1. The allocation process takes place in several rounds. You can only be placed at your second (or third) choice if there are places left after the first round.
    For choices for universitywide partners ánd for U.S.E. partner universities places will be allocated by drawing lots when the number of applications exceeds the number of available places.
    For each application, the International Office will check if the plans fit the conditions for exchange and the specific partner university.
    If you are not allocated for your preferred first destination, the International Office will strive to place you at your second or third choice.
    In case you are not selected for your top 3 destinations (which is rare), they will contact you to discuss an alternative.
    You will be notified of the allocation outcome late January. 


After you have been selected for one of the partner institutions, nomination takes place as follows:

  1. The International Office of the faculty Law, Economics and Governance nominates those students who have been allocated to the partner institution. The partner university decides whether the student can be definitely placed.
  2. Those who have been accepted by the partner university will receive information about the registration process and other practical arrangements. Most of the time the host university accepts all nominated students. 

After the allocation process is completed, a list of the remaining places will be posted on this website. Please check this list if you want to apply for studying abroad after the application deadline (December 1).