Do not forget about the following matters when you are abroad:

  • Once you have arrived at your destination and you are enrolled for the courses, you have to fill in the transfer credit request form to get official approval from the Board of Examiners to get the courses recognised upon return.
  • Make sure that you deal with all necessary arrangements regarding visa or enrolment matters as soon as possible after you arrive. Furthermore, do not forget to let your parents know that you have arrived safely!
  • During your stay you may need to make some preparations for your return to Utrecht University. For instance, you may need to register for classes for the next semester before a certain deadline or have your Erasmus forms (like your learning agreement) filled out by the coordinator of your host university. 

Adjustment and culture shock

While the introduction to new and foreign cultures greatly benefits students, it can also be overwhelming at times. The new cultural elements a student encounters abroad may be so different that they seem "shocking" in comparison to cultural norms he or she is used to at home. You can read more information on culture shock here

Useful websites 

Welcome back at U.S.E.! 

See for all the steps you now need to take, the website 'After your exchange

If applicable do not forget to finalise your grant application.