U.S.E. Exchange Office

Ms. Felix Zielinski: exchange.use@uu.nl. 

International Exchange Office REBO

For more information on your exchange application, scholarships and Erasmus grant: Contact information.

Study/ work placement abroad

  • http://students.uu.nl/en/academics/study-abroad: The central International Office (Student Services) provides information on scholarships etc. 
  • www.wilweg.nl: General information on studying and internships abroad; visa, working permits, insurance, grants, etc. (in Dutch)
  • www.minbuza.nl: Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs: current travel advice, addresses of foreign embassies/consulates in the Netherlands.
  • www.aiesec.nl: AIESEC is the largest student--‐run organization in the world, active in 130 countries and still growing. AIESEC offers internship--‐opportunities and voluntary projects all across the globe and stimulates participants to be more conscious of their own personal development.
  • www.handicap-studie.nl: Information about studying abroad with a handicap.
  • www.wereldwijdestudenten.nl: Site by Dutch students who want to study abroad or have studied abroad (in Dutch).
  • www.nuffic.nl: NUFFIC is the “Netherlands Organisation for international cooperation in higher education”.
  • www.searchjobsabroad.com: Free website for internships within Europe.

Language preparations

  • www.babel.nl: Babel in Utrecht offers numerous language courses.
  • www.toefl.org: Information about the TOEFL test, locations and cost.
  • www.ielts.org: Information about the IELTS test, locations and cost.