4 July 2019
Students interested in Data Science are encouraged to apply for the Fall session
3 July 2019
From 6 July to mid-September 2019, work will take place on the roof of the Ruppert building.
1 July 2019
To put an end to the unclear situations around handing out leaflets and other promotional activities the policy for these is tightened.
20 June 2019
This year three students of Utrecht University were recommended and two were nominated for the ECHO Award. One UU-student has been nominated for the UAF Award.
14 June 2019
The rate for the P+R parking garage remains unchanged
13 June 2019
On average, students gave the student site a score of 7.4
7 June 2019
On Wednesday the 26th of June the fourth edition of the NN Experience Event is taking place.
3 June 2019
De uitslag van de Faculteitsraad 2019-2021 REBO voor personeels- en studentleden is bekend