10 October 2018
Use to find an overview of the study spots
9 October 2018
On Thursday 4 and Friday 5 October, UU participated in the national cyber crisis exercise ‘OZON’.
9 October 2018
Utrecht University has had a Code of Conduct for Inappropriate Behaviour for a long time. These documents are being reviewed now.
4 October 2018
You call the control room of Utrecht University via 030-253 4444 in case of an emergency.
4 October 2018
The Safety Week has started today. Anton Pijpers (President of the Executive Board) took care of the opening.
1 October 2018
The University Council had the first meeting of the academic year with the Executive Board (CvB) on September 24th.
27 September 2018
Visit one of the Study Abroad presentations
26 September 2018
In October, Utrecht University will be removing broken and abandoned bicycles in October.