In the course catalogue you can find an overview of the prescribed literature for each course.

You can buy books for all your Bachelor and (Pre)Master courses with Study Association ECU’92.

The U.S.E. Board has set a maximum price for the literature at 12,50 euro per ECTS. You can find the book costs per period when you order your books on the website of the book supplier via the ECU’92 website. As a member you get substantial discounts on your books. You must always order your books in advance. Ordering books with ECU’92 goes as follows:

  1. You go to the books section on the ECU’92 website:
  2. First Year Students will have their book delivered to Spinoza Hall on the International Campus Utrecht where they will be available for pick-up around the start of educational activities.
  3. All Other Students can also decide to have their books home delivered next to the option to have the books delivered to campus
  4. You select the books you want to order and pay online, via e.g. iDEAL or PayPal.
  5. Further information is available through

Period 1, 2020-2021: Your books will be delivered to USE and will be available for pick-up at the start of the academic year during the first week of tutorials at Spinoza Hall on the International Campus Utrecht.
Period 2, 2020-2021: November 2020
Period 3, 2020-2021: February 2021
Period 4, 2020-2021: April 2021

Make sure to order your books before the deadline, which will be approximately two weeks before the book sale. The exact deadline for each period will be published on the ECU'92 website. If you miss the deadline, you can still order your books via the web shop of the book supplier. The books then will be sent to your home address, but the discounts will be lower and you will be charged shipping costs. Next to that, if you order your books after the deadline, ECU’92 cannot guarantee that they will be delivered in time. The discounts only apply to ECU'92 members, non-members pay the normal price.


If you have got any questions regarding the book sale, send an email to

You can order your readers via the online reader shop. You can order them as follows:

  1. Find the course(s) you want to order (a) reader(s) for by searching for your faculty (REBO – School of Economics), selecting your programme (Bachelor or Master) and selecting the course you are taking. Order your readers per period.
  2. Set the quantity of readers you want to order and click ‘order’.
  3. Fill in your contact details and check if your order is correct.
  4. Payments can be done using iDEAL, Visa card or Euro/Master card.
  5. You’ll receive a confirmation of your order by e-mail.
  6. Your order will be delivered within 8 working days.

As readers differ per period, only order readers for courses you are enrolled for in that period.

Please do not wait till the last moment with ordering your reader! Sometimes the readers are not in stock anymore and then it will take longer before the readers can be delivered. Try to avoid this in order to prepare yourself properly for the first lectures.

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Be aware: summaries made by students and sold by (study) organisations do not always give a full and correct view of the course material.
Therefore it is not recommended to depend solely on summaries when preparing for an exam.